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John Nichol Flies: LIGHTNING and HERCULES  75mins


John Nichol Flies... Former RAF navigator, Gulf War veteran and author John Nichol returns to the cockpit in a spectacular documentary series celebrating iconic aircraft from the history of aviation.


John Nichol Flies: LIGHTNING No other aircraft symbolises the achievement of the British aircraft industry in the face of the Cold War threat like the English Electric Lightning, a plane that still holds climb and altitude records despite first entering service in the late 1950's. John Nichol travels to South Africa to take a ride in one of the last examples of this fabulous "manned rocket" and against the spectacular background of Cape Town and the South Atlantic has the supersonic ride of his life. Extensive added features include the complete air to air and on board camera coverage of one of John's Lightning flights and detailed briefings from three former Lightning pilots.


John Nichol Flies: HERCULES The sight of one particular aircraft touching down in a cloud of dust is a welcome relief for many imperilled people around the world. That aircraft is the venerable Hercules and in this programme John Nichol joins an aid mission in Angola where the pilots frequently land on unmarked strips deep in otherwise inaccessible territory. John takes a ride in a Hercules L100 of the World Food Program flying supplies from the capital Luanda, 900 miles to Mavinga where the dirt runway has to be regularly checked for land mines. Over 100,000 people here rely on the Hercules, the pilots, crewmembers and agency representatives to sustain their very existence in this war-scarred part of Africa.

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