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The Greatest Years of Rallying 80's



After a major transitional period for international rallying during the 1970s, the scene was set for an era during which this highly competitive motorsport became high tech, high profile and very, very fast.


Welcome to the 1980s. Join Steve Rider as he looks back on a decade when international rallying began to command huge budgets, with manufacturers pushing forward into the four-wheel drive age. Turbo charging and four-wheel drive spawned the Group B years when the spectacle was greater than ever... but so were the dangers.


Such danger and spectacle naturally demanded enormous skill from the drivers and now you can relive the sort of no-holds-barred competition that spawned a host of memorable champions. BHPs wealth of worldwide footage illustrates the major milestones of the 1980s with stunning action shots from both inside and outside the cars as Steve Rider brings you fascinating insights into some of the greatest years of rallying from the Audi Quattro to the Lancia Delta.


The only course of action left to you, the viewer, is to sit back and enjoy a comprehensive profile of the sports bravest drivers giving their all in rallyings most spectacular decade.-you-breath, exhilarating entertainment from start to finish - unmissable!

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