2019 Speedway Boxset

By Philip
November 24, 2019
Category: News
The 2019 SGP Boxset is shipping, Also try out the streaming service in HD! Continue reading
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Streaming Service

By Philip
November 24, 2019
Category: News

Half of our titles can now be rented please let us know what you think!

Set back and enjoy the action the Speedway titles from 2015 are in HD! Continue reading

2018 Speedway Boxset is shipping

By Philip
October 31, 2018
Category: News

Highlights from all 10 rounds of the 2018 FIM Speedway Grand Prix series (SGP) and all 4 events of the 2018 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations (SON).


This six-disc DVD box set features over 10 hours of footage, presenting the intense drama and tension both competit... Continue reading

2017 SGP Boxset Shipping Date

By Phil
November 07, 2017
Category: News
We are planning to start shipping on the 24th Nov for this years Boxset. Speedway Star has our Advert running already. Continue reading
Tags: 2017 SGP Boxset shipping
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2017 SGP Boxset

By Phil
October 03, 2017
Category: News

Dear all,

This years box set will be ready in the first week of December. Continue reading
Tags: SGP

Deliveries for the Christmas 2016 period

By Phil
December 15, 2016
Category: News

Dear All

We will post your orders up until the end of day on the 22nd December with first class post.

Unfortunately we can not that items will be delivered 

Continue reading

Tags: Shipping Delivery

1991 British F3 Championship DVD

By Phil
November 22, 2016
Category: News

Starting to master the 1991 British F3 Championship DVD.

Great Racing from some young drives that ended up in F1.

Continue reading
Tags: 1991 British F3 Championship DVD

2016 SGP Boxset

By Phil
October 24, 2016
Category: News

The season has finished, the DVD masters are ready to go to the plant.

Pre orders will start to be taken next week so keep an eye out. Continue reading
Tags: 2016 SGP Boxset

2016 Speedway GP Calendar

By Phil
February 12, 2016
Category: News

R1 Krsko 30/04

R2 Warsaw 14/05

R3 Horsens 11/06

R4 Prague 25/06

R5 Cardiff 9/07

R6 Malilla 13/08

R7 Gorzow 27/08

R8 Teterow 10/09

R9 Stockholm 24/09

R10 Torun 01/10

R11 Melbourne 22/10

2016 SGP DVD Box Set on Sale 01/12!

Continue reading
Tags: 2016 SGP DVD Box Set

Great Box set!

By Steve
February 11, 2016
Category: News

Dear Smoke and Rubber

Thanks again for producing a great box set in 2016, lots of great Speedway Action.


Continue reading
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