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Highlights from all 11 rounds of the 2007 FIM Speedway Grand Prix Series (SGP) plus all four events of the 2007 FIM Speedway World Cup (SWC). This top quality six disc DVD boxset features over 14 hours of footage encapsulating all the high drama and tension from the World Championships.


Sit back and enjoy the SGP series, watch the top 15 riders in the world spirt the dirt and ride the slide on their 500cc bikes, with no breaks or gears, battling for the right to be World Champion. Follow the warriors of shale as they begin their quest in Italy and march across Europe, visiting world class stadiums including the Millennium Stadium (Cardiff), PARKEN (Copenhagen) and not to mention Germany’s VELTINS-Arena, Gelsenkirchen, for the Series’ finale that marks the 100th SGP and a $100,000 prize for the German GP winner.


If that’s not enough Speedway for you, then relive the 2007 FIM Speedway World Cup. The top eight speedway nations compete in four events for the Ove Fundin Trophy. With national pride at stake, this is edge-of-your-seat team racing at its best!!


Plus! DVD extras containing behind the scenes footage of the SGP Series.

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